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飞虎传奇 The Flying Tigers

时       长:    4*52´

题       材:    纪录巨献

购片电话:    010-82020411











Tigers do more than just crouch in China. From their bases in western China, one of the most famous military units in history, the Flying Tigers, changed the course of the Second World War, and only fragments of their story have been told – until now.

The Flying Tigers were US airmen who flew into China during the Second World War. Some say that their presence in the Far East was the final straw that led to Japan's decision to attack Pearl Harbor. For six months, from December 1941 to June 1942, they provided crucial last ditch aerial defence of China. 


LIC has already produced one award-winning 4-part series on THE FLYING TIGERS. Now, we have uncovered a new treasure trove of material detailing the motivations of the young airmen who travelled halfway around the world to fly for China. Although most of the participants are now aged or deceased, there is a rich corpus of first-hand testimony (written, oral history and archive interviews), enabling us to tell the story through the authentic voices of the participants – Chinese, America and Japanese.