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高原圣洁 The Heart of Tibetan Plateau

时       长:    1*50´

题       材:    纪录巨献

购片电话:    010-82020411









Zhaxi Sang’e, the protagonist, is a lama of Datang temple in Tibet. After over a decade studying at the temple, at the age of 27, he became a Khenpo, attaining the Buddhist equivalent of a PhD. But rather than continuing on as a teacher of Buddhism, Zhaxi chose a different path. He chose to become an environmentalist, and for the last decade, has dedicated himself to the protection of the sacred Nianbaoyuze mountain region environment and the preservation of an endangered bird species, emberiza koslowi – the Tibetan Bunting. 

This film follows Zhaxi’s footsteps from organizing garbage collection campaigns in the Nianbaoyuze region to studiously watching emberiza koslowi, drawing the charming little birds and gaining them recognition as a sacred bird among Tibetans. 

As Zhaxi has said, “we human beings are guests on this earth; we could make good use of what the earth provides to us – the food, the drink, the shelter. But by no means do we have the right to damage and destroy the earth.” 

As a Buddhist, Zhaxi believes his own efforts in environmental protection to be his spiritual practice, helping him to achieve the ultimate enlightenment of life.