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饕餮自然 Wild Menu

时       长:    26*26+52*10´

题       材:    纪录巨献

购片电话:    010-82020411








 “Chow down!” 

Nature is like an haute-cuisine restaurant where everyone can find a tasty bite. However, table manners and eating customs do not always align and not everybody uses the same cutlery. In this 24-hour restaurant, clients may actually be the first course of others’ diners. 

This series depicts the funniest and most amazing features of the food chain, full of disgusting and delightful dishes, and cranky and wildly gluttonous animals. Amazing images and bite-sized stories of the animal kingdom kitchen... Right at mealtime! 

Episodes are organized under different topics connected with the world of cooking; including diet, food preparation, use of utensils, table manners, flavours and textures, etc. Though human-related, these concepts will be used to introduce and present spectacular features of animal behaviour. 

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