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看见乐声 Bionic Musician

时       长:    1x52´

题       材:    人物







Wu Jing, like many others, is a 28 year-old Chinese professional musician living in Stockholm. But this talented flautist is one of a kind; she is blind. Jing’s dream is to one-day play in a symphony orchestra: to be accepted not just as a blind musician, but rather as a talented professional musician who so happens to be blind.

Is this mission impossible? Jing and her mentor Jan Bengtsson, first flutist with Sweden’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, meet with Ellen Sundh, a Swedish inventor and visual interface device programmer, to seek the solution.

Inspired by Jing’s dream, Ellen jumps at the challenge. She figures it cannot be so far a stretch to transform the conductor’s baton movements, facial expressions and body language into interpretable video signals communicated via sensors to Jing. However, such a feat has never been pulled off before.

The film follows the development from idea to prototype to Wu Jing testing the device in small ensembles. Finally, as Jing, the Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor take the stage of the Stockholm Concert Hall, award ceremony hall of the Nobel Prizes, audiences witness a world-first in performance bionics.