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Puyi – The Last Emperor of China

时       长:    2×52 ;1×101´

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 In one of history's most fascinating biographies, this film outlines the miraculous life of Puyi, China's last emperor. After over two thousand years of imperial rule, Puyi's reign ended in 1912, and what followed was one of the most tumultuous and dramatic periods in Chinese history. Using recently unearthed archival footage and previously unpublished photographs, together with interviews from Puyi's relatives and consorts, the filmmakers present an in-depth look into Puyi's phenomenal life: from his rise to the throne at the age of three, to his controversial role as a puppet ruler for the Japanese, and later as a prisoner in a 're-education' camp and as a victim of the Cultural Revolution. 

PUYI: THE LAST EMPEROR OF CHINA won a Gold Plaque at the 2009 Hugo Television Awards in Chicago, a Finalist award at the 2009 New York Film Festival, and Best Feature Length Documentary in the 2008 Malaga Film Festival in Spain, as well as a Chinese Academy Award in 2008.