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China’s Nuclear Bomb

时       长:    1×52´

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 In the early 60s, in a compound hidden away in China's remote west, a top-secret program was underway that would forever alter China's place in world affairs. This film takes us on a journey through the creation of China's nuclear weapons program by taking a look at the state of the world leading up to, and during, the Cold War. Using rare archival footage, the filmmakers transport the audience back to a time of great uncertainty and unrest. This extraordinary footage, some of which borders on the bizarre, draws attention to experiments on man's ability to conduct conventional military operations in a deadly post-blast environment – using animals and soldiers to test the range and effects of the nuclear explosions. Hear first-hand accounts of Chinese men who were involved in this controversial project, and ask yourself, "What is the real cost of nuclear weapons?" 


SD and Digitally-unpressed HD versions