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October 1949 – Parade Of The Waking Giant

时       长:    1×52´

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 On October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong held a victory celebration parade in Tian'anmen Square and announced to the world the creation of a People's Republic of China. China had indeed awakened, and the decades since have given truth to Napoleon's prophetic words. Interestingly enough, on this momentous occasion, very few people actually understood Mao's speech, and only one sentence has ever been translated and synched to audio – until now. 

Go behind the scenes with filmmaker Peter Du Cane as he painstakingly unearths rare archive footage and pieces together the remainder of this historic speech. An invaluable contribution to history, Mao's speech is made whole for the first time ever. 

OCTOBER 1949 is a definitive account of how Mao Zedong orchestrated and carried out the spectacular parade of October 1st, all the while facing threats of an on-going civil war that endangered the entire operation.