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Museum Mania: Inside China’s Museums

时       长:    6×52;1 × 52’´

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 This magazine-format series takes viewers behind the scenes at some of China's most unique museums. 

Collecting truly is big business in China; in recent years, a new museum has opened nearly every single day! From grand, national edifices to humble private collections, museums for art, for history, for culture and for fun proliferate on a scale unimaginable anywhere else in the world. 

We travel from the grandest museum of them all – The Palace Museum (known to foreigners as The Forbidden City) – to a small private museum of traditional signboards collected and curated by a local father and son duo, to the Beijing waterworks museum, to the 20-building personal museum complex, which houses 8 million objects lovingly collected by a property developer from Chongqing. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country to provide viewers with a unique perspective on 21st century China.