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Secret Chamber of the Dragon

时       长:     13×60´

题       材:    




 Chinese Kung Fu: a mystery from the East and the past. Today, young adults in China and the world stand at the intersection of modern culture and its traditions. They may be capable of shopping on five e-commerce websites simultaneously, but do they have what it takes to master the most physically and emotionally demanding elements of traditional Kung Fu? 

Enter 15 young adults: 7 men and 8 women. They come from big cities and tiny villages from all around the world. 

They will be taken outside of their comfort zones, and put in a situation where they must depend upon each other as they undergo intense training in the most demanding spiritual, physical and mental aspects of Chinese martial arts. 

Secret Chamber of the Dragon will uncover which of these young adults really has what it takes to thrive in traditional Chinese culture and master their own futures.